Snopes Fact Checkers Turn Truth Into Liberal Lies

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Snopes Fact Checkers Turn Truth Into Liberal Lies

Post by Maga2020 » Oct 23rd, '19, 13:08

Snopes Fact Checkers who contract with Facebook specialize in spinning facts into untruths. Snopes is a die hard deep state cesspool who mostly defend Democrats. And in turn nit-pick conservatives and Donald J. Trump supporters FACTS shared online. A quick Bing search for the keyword Snopes returns a laundry list of folks who accuse Snipes of bias fact checking.

Nobody will care. It will result in “you can’t believe third party fact checker.” It will end friendships and make families awkward. Ask anyone that’s replied with a snopes or politifact link to bogus news. People will believe what enforces their views, they don’t want to learn.


Call me crazy, but it should be illegal to be a “fact checker” if you have any kind of bias. By definition fact checker means “to verify the factual accuracy of”. That doesn’t seem to leave much room for bias. Sounds pretty cut and dried to me! :D

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Another Example Of Snopes Fact Checking Fail

Post by Doc » Oct 23rd, '19, 18:56

Lets have a look at this Snopes Fail. A video shared on Facebook where James Clapper threw Barack Obama under the bus. After this private hosted video received over 300k views from Facebook, Snopes came to the rescue of Barack Obama.

Snopes boasted: Did James Clapper ‘Out’ Barack Obama as the ‘Mastermind’ Behind the ‘Russia Hoax’?
A CNN interview video was miscaptioned to suggest the Obama administration's involvement in a Trumpian controversy.


Snopes nit-picked what they called the "Video Caption" which was NOT a Caption but an SEO <h1>Title Line</h1> very different meanings. Captions are used in most images as a description so bots know what category to place them in. SEO video or blog post Titles tell search bots what to put in their title index. Totally different just like apples and oranges.
From Snopes incorrect fact check: The caption accompanied a video of former U.S. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper in an interview with CNN, discussing the Trump administration’s decision to investigate the origins of inquiries into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. The video appeared to have been uploaded to a video-sharing blog platform.

Clapper did not say what the video caption claimed: He did not “out” Obama as the “mastermind” behind the “Russia hoax.” Clapper instead aired his dismay at the turn of events in which Obama’s successor, Donald Trump, had essentially compelled the government to launch an investigation into its own findings that the Kremlin had manipulated the 2016 presidential election.

Trump and his supporters, however, have undertaken an aggressive campaign to discredit investigations that have concluded the Russians interfered in the 2016 election with the aim of helping Trump win, to the extent that Trump has leveraged his own administration to investigate the inquiry that led to that finding.

In October 2019 President Trump was facing an impeachment inquiry over a phone call he had with the Ukrainian president, with Trump being accused of holding back key military aid in exchange for Ukraine’s assistance in obtaining damaging information about a Trump political rival. But in that call, Trump also asked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to look into a debunked conspiracy theory positing that the hacked Democratic National Committee server from 2016 was in Ukraine — a conspiracy theory that exculpates the Russians in the hacking operation.

In other words, the Obama administration conducted an investigation based on evidence which led to the conclusion that Russians had manipulated the 2016 presidential election. To say Obama was the “mastermind” of a “hoax” amounts to political propaganda favoring Trump while distorting reality.
Snopes so called "Fact Check" is nothing more than a president Donald J. Trump hit job. Snopes was quick to defend Barack Obama which they quite frequently do. Just like this article from 2016 where Snopes defended Hillary Clinton.

In our Snopes example, Bethania Palma not only didn't know the difference between an image caption and a SEO article / video title. He / she / or it, ignored the videos description and the transcript on Rush Limbaugh's website.

The description from the video Bethania Palma ignored is here: James Clapper live on CNN Outed Barack Obama as the Russia Hoax Mastermind to host Jim Sciutto. What they did was TREASON which is punishable by prison and includes the death penalty. Looks like the deep state rats are running scared. Rush Limbaugh talked about Clapper outing Obama yesterday live. Here is a transcript of Rush's broadcast.

As for the title "James Clapper Outs Barack Obama As Mastermind Behind Russia Hoax" did it's job well. The video that had 3.7 MILLION Shares on Facebook had so many hits it kept the server busy dishing up the video file itself hosted on another domain.

Friends this is WAR with the Democrats. We all know, but yet can not prove, Barack Obama is in this Russia Hoax up to his nuts. I bet they all were eating out of the Clinton Foundation troth as Hillary sold our Uranium to Russia, and who knows what else. Judge Jeanine Pirro talks about having Cancer and Molybendium 99 a uranium Isotope used on cancer diagnosis.

The big reveal is coming - though it will take more time than we estimated. Now we have that sewer rat Christopher Wray the FBI director who may give em all a free pass. It's up to us to VOTE OUT the Dirty Democrats and Rinos like Mitt Romney and the Never Trumpers! Lets take back our country by voting for Donald J. Trump in 2020. Snopes fact check this!

Update 10/25/19: The Barr-Durham probe into the origins of the Trump-Russia fiasco is now officially a criminal investigation, as suspected wrongdoers seek legal counsel. Those sewer rats will be singing on each other in a futile attempt to stay out of prison. We know that investigators turning the Probe into a Criminal Investigation means they found wrongdoings!

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Re: Snopes Fact Checkers Turn Truth Into Liberal Lies

Post by Hobby horse » Nov 8th, '19, 10:16

Destroy the traitors, bring them to justice


Re: Snopes Fact Checkers Turn Truth Into Liberal Lies

Post by Guest » Feb 7th, '20, 10:36

I believe someone has to do an investigation into Snopes. Talk about misinformation on the internet, Snopes is the poster child.


Re: Snopes Fact Checkers Turn Truth Into Liberal Lies

Post by Bubba » Apr 1st, '20, 19:06

PolitiFact has became king of Facebook censorship :|

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